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Peel Region Jobs Profile

The Vicinity Jobs of Peel community employment portal serves the community of Peel Region. Peel Region is located in Southern Ontario, Canada, on the North Western coast of Lake Ontario. It consists of the cities of Brampton and Mississauga, and the town of Caledon. Peel region is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Peel Region's economy is clearly dominated by the city of Mississauga. With a population of more than 1.1 million as of 2006, Peel Region is the second-largest municipality in Ontario after Toronto. Peel employment market is clearly dominated by jobs in Mississauga, which account for over two thirds of all hiring demand in the region, as recorded in a GTA's hiring demand survey of the Vicinity Jobs network. Jobs in Brampton account for another 25% of Peel Region's hiring demand. Jobs in Caledon represent only a small portion of Peel Region's jobs, as Caledon is mostly rural, with only a small share of Peel Region's population, and accounts for a very small portion of Peel Region's employment market. Mississauga is home of the Canadian headquarters for 59 Fortune 500 companies and facility locations for 104 Fortune 500 companies. The city is also home to 50 Global Fortune 500 Canadian headquarters.

This is likely partly the reason why hiring demand is currently dominated by management jobs in Mississauga, although there is a significant number of engineering jobs in Mississauga as well. Mississauga has a well educated talent pool with 82% of its resident labour force possessing some post-secondary education. Like in other parts of the GTA, there are also many administrative jobs in Mississauga. Brampton is the other large city in Peel Region, and seat of the regional government. The city's employment market is somewhat different from that of Mississauga, due to the relatively high share of manufacturing jobs in Brampton. One of Brampton's largest employer is Chrysler, with its car assembly plant in Brampton. The headquarters of now bankrupt Nortel Communications were also in Brampton. The employment market of the rural region of Caledon is dominated to a great extent by jobs in Bolton. Postings for jobs in Peel region accounted for just over 20% of all postings for jobs in the GTA in September of 2009. Due to immediate proximity of Peel Region of Toronto, and since Toronto is the economic centre of the Greater Toronto Area, many Peel residents work in Toronto and commute on a daily basis. Some Mississauga residents also work on jobs in Oakville - and vice versa.